The Infrared Heating - REDPUR

Nothing is more natural than an infrared heating

Our natural source of infrared heat is the sun. REDPUR infrared heaters provide comfortable radiant heat, which can be modeled on that of the sun rays.

While conventional heating systems use the air as a medium for heat transfer, the "electromagnetic waves" of REDPUR infrared systems provide for raising the temperature of the solid bodies in the room. REDPUR keeps the walls dry and prevents mold growth due to condensation moisture. The heat radiation from the REDPUR infrared heating is absorbed by the room envelope, stored and re-delivered to other bodies.  This creates a pleasant indoor climate, which is known for generations from tiled stoves.

The walls remain dry and increase the calorific value.  Moist spots and mildew are avoided.  REDPUR heat is heat without air circulation.  Temperature stratification and the associated dust clouds belong to the past.