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The infrared heating BIO - REDPUR

The first REDPUR-Infrared heater in BIO-Quality

The REDPUR new development was long awaited- now it is here. REPUR BIO is the result of intensive development activity and has created ripples in the whole branch. The new BIO-Infrared heaters make an impression with a variety of noteworthy advantages:

Advantage 1: REDPUR BIO is an innovative heating system, which is produced only and only from natural, environment friendly components.

Advantage 2: REDPUR BIO elevates the health condition and care to a healthy and energetic good feel climate.

Advantage 3: REDPUR BIO makes an impression with the plan-convex form, which appears while heating and lends the heating element a puristically elegant optic, which makes it more individualistic with printing on the front.

Advantage 4: Positive CO2 balance. As the infrared heater is operated with current, the CO2 emission is only dependent on the power connection. But with 50% of the power saving the irradiation is also 50% lesser.

Advantage 5: REDPUR BIO-infrared heaters are innovative systems, which are characterized by still higher energy efficiency and radiation output, uncomplicated simple installation, absolutely no maintenance and a long life.

“In-Photonic”- Technology for sustainable good health

The principle of energizing was already known to our grandmothers and they used for e.g. natural “means of conservation” of foods. Perhaps you will recollect, that freshly harvested carrots were stored for a long time in sun-warm sand- you may also recollect the taste of the vegetable enhanced by solar energy sometime in the next winter?

The "In-Photonic"-Technology is based on this "old knowledge" and further develops simultaneously the knowledge of the solar technology under bio-energetic aspects. The core of the matter is the accumulation of air, water and biological structures with positive energy from the energy of the sun. Energy rich particles - so called light photons are formed with the solar radiation in the natural atmosphere. It is optima for the health of the humans, when 1cm3 of air contains at least 2000 of these negative ions. In the mountains or at sea the natural air achieves a value of at least 4000 to 8000 of negative ions without any problem. On the other hand in cities and in the internal rooms: in 1cm3 of air often has less than 100 negative ions.

This deficiency affects concentration and good health. Weakening of the immune systems leads to diseases and allergies. With the “In-Photonic” technology small silicium crystals with light photons are collected, which are then emitted continuously in the environment and help form a healthy and energetic positive feel good climate. The physiological effect of the negative unfolds cell identical to the energizing and life supporting effect of the clean mountain crystal.

REDPUR has adapted the “In-Photonic:-process to its BIO-Infrared heaters. The silicium in a REDPUR heating system stores as much as photon energy as two tons of mountain crystal. The light photons unfold their feel good and healthy effect independent of active operation of the heater. With its integration these “vitamins of the air” in the REDPUR heating results in turn in the following:

  • A natural and very healthy good feel climate
  • Improvement of the general good health
  • Positive stimulation of the cell activities with bioenergetic, biophysical and biochemical factors
  • Neutralization of damaging elements. Electro smog and germs in the room air
  • Avoiding smell pollution