Benefits of Infrared Heating - REDPUR


With an infrared heating from Redpur you acquire an innovative heating system that will make your building sustainable through energy and cost efficiency.

Due to their high efficiency and very low transmission losses the infrared heating systems from Redpur consume little energy - they are therefore optimally suited for eco-design projects with decentralized energy supply, but also for the operation with commercial power or as a supplement to a conventional heating system. In everyday operation they provide cozy warmth and constant wellness, a healthy climate and the overall protection of the building structure. Through their innovative and highly aesthetic design, they allow for an individual interior design.

Infrared heating of Redpur - cost-effective and environmentally friendly

The evolutionary infrared heating systems Redpur blend in with building concepts that are aimed at an ecologically consistent energy supply from decentralized and renewable sources. With electricity from a photovoltaic system or a small wind turbine or as a component of an active energy house a Redpur infrared heating allows largely energy-independent heating. Even with less complex projects and with power from the regular network it proves as much cheaper in daily use than conventional heating systems - the savings are due to its technological principle and the resulting very high efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

Also the installation of an Redpur infrared heater is less complicated and less expensive than other forms of heating installation. The infrared heaters are  attached to walls or ceilings "almost like a picture" and fit perfectly into the aesthetic design of your rooms. For the commissioning a power connection is sufficient.

Skepticism about heating with electrical power as an already "refined" form of energy in choosing an infrared heating from Redpur is not necessary. Due to the low consumption and very low "transmission losses" the power requirements of the heating system are lower than that of all other types of heating. It must not be forgotten in this context that conventional heaters use electricity as well. An oil or gas system reaches only about 35 percent of the need of an infrared heating system, but must also be "fed" with their fossil fuels - which is of course cost-relevant.  Heat pumps compete through decentralized production of their thermal energy and electricity consumption at the level of infrared heating of Redpur. However, through the convection principle for the heating of the air - as in the case of pellet heatings - about two-thirds of its heat output is wasted.

Energy costs are also saved by the very short heating time of the infrared heating elements that create a pleasant temperature in the room after a few minutes.  Since the perceived room temperature with a Redpur infrared heater is about two degrees Celsius higher than with conventional heating systems, there is further savings potential. The "intelligent control module" of the Redpur heating systems also ensures that the individual heating elements work together perfectly, providing only as much heat energy as needed.

Wellness warmth and protection of the building structure

The heating elements of the Redpur Infrared heating emit electromagnetic waves, the energy of which is absorbed and stored by the surfaces of the heated rooms and released as heat radiation. This operating principle proves as superior to conventional heating systems not only in terms of energy efficiency, but also creates a domestic climate that perfectly meets our physiological needs. The room air is heated only indirectly and is optimally humidified. By the heat absorption of the surfaces the rooms are absolutely evenly heated - without cold air currents or cold floors. Allergy and asthma sufferers often feel significantly better in such a heated room because air and dust are not thermodynamically "stirred".

By heat resorption of surfaces - ceilings, walls, floors - a Redpur infrared heating also protects the building structure. In the long term, an infrared heating even dries damp walls in older buildings. Due to their mode of action condensation can not precipitate on the walls of buildings.  

Individual room design with an infrared heating from Redpur

Last but not least, the infrared heating from Redpur enables a highly individual interior design. The infrared heating elements from Redpur are available in inconspicuous, subtle variations in the standard colours of black and white as well as a graphic design programme with decorative graphic motifs. In the showrooms of our partners, you will receive an overview of the entire design portfolio from Redpur. Upon request, staff of the Redpur partner companies provide a comprehensive design consultancy on-site.