REDPUR SaturnHeater - REDPUR

REDPUR SaturnHeater - the Design-Infrared radiator for large rooms

Natural heat, as we are used to from sunlight is supplied by the REDPUR infrared radiator Saturn. The SaturnHeater is the first REDPUR Design-surface heater, which makes a significant impression with its innovative heating technique and its futuristic optic.

The electro-infrared radiator Saturn unfolds its heating effect, in contrast to conventional heaters, which only heat the room air, only when the heat radiations meet solid bodies, like walls, ceilings, floors, objects and bodies. The infrared radiation heat is then indirectly emitted to the surroundings. Also the room air is heated only indirectly in this manner. No blowing of dust occurs, which is good allergics and also sensitive objects, like for example in museums.

Types of features:
The SaturnHeater can be fitted with a cover (part of the delivery scope) or by the customer with a loud speaker for sound or a lamp.


  • Energy efficiency and high degree of effect
  • Pleasant climate with equal distribution of heat in the room
  • No movement of air or blowing of dust

For the REDPUR SaturnHeater the REDPUR partner companies offer obviously the same service spectrum like for all other REDPUR infrared heating systems, which stretches from a detailed energy consultation to the installation of the REDPUR SaturnHeater. The Design-Infrared radiator is delivered for big rooms with a 24 month REDPUR warranty.

REDPUR SaturnHeater
REDPUR SaturnHeater
H x B cm
Output Watt
99 x 8,5 1800
99 x 8,5 2400
99 x 8,5 3000
99 x 8,5 3600
Surface: High value stainless steel casing, matt.
RAL-colours powder coated
Colour: Silver gray
Heating element: 3, 4, 5 and 6 ceramic-high output radiator รก 600 Watt
Voltage: 230 Volt, 50 Hz
Assembly: The REDPUR design-surface heater is fixed on three steel cables on the ceiling, which can also be joined in the middle. The minimum distance is 20 cm. REDPUR infrared radiators are to be assembled for persons in a height not reachable in standing position (at least 3 m).
Protection type: IP 40, Fixed connection