REDPUR Infrared heater model "Reflex"

The REDPUR mirror heater-combination of energy efficiency and perfect design

The visual highlight of our product portfolio is the REDPUR mirror heater. Its design is both modern and elegant. The REDPUR mirror heater can be seamlessly included in your home concepts in bathrooms, halls, cloak rooms, bedrooms or also as an eye-catcher in other rooms.

You can enjoy the wonderful infrared radiation heat in your bathroom- and enjoy the fact that your mirror will never again be fogged; last but not least it is also simultaneously your bathroom heater.  Your floor will also be sustainably heated with equal distribution of heat radiation. Cold feet in the bathroom are thus a thing of the past. The effect of your REDPUR mirror heater is the same as a modern floor heater- with distinctly higher energy efficiency.

With our mirror heater REDPUR Reflex heating has become more elegant!

Heat your rooms in an elegant manner with the REDPUR mirror heater. If you place the heating elements strategically, you can extend your rooms optically with our system. You can achieve very special effects with assembly of the REDPUR mirror heaters.

Our mirror heater REDPUR Reflex is available in two different versions with an output of 650 or 900 Watts.

Obviously the REDPUR Reflex combines its visual qualities with the excellent usage properties and the energy efficiency of REDPUR heating systems. You will acquire an evolutionary infrared heating system with a REDPUR mirror heater, which is technologically as per the latest standard of innovative and environment friendly heating technology. We basically guarantee the quality of our precision products “Made in South-Germany” with the brand name REDPUR and with different independent quality seals.

Size H x B cm Output Watt
53 x 63 360
103 x 63 650
143 x 63 950
Surface: single-pane safety glass (ESG)
Colour: Mirror is chromium plated
Printing: Not possible
Heating element: Direct heating
Voltage: 230 Volt, 50 Hz
Assembly: Wall
Mounting : Tension free, covered REDPUR 2-point support system with safety lock