Free on-site consultation - REDPUR



The REDPUR experts are of course also glad to advise you free of charge and without any obligation on site.  We thus create an individually tailored offer according to the specific requirements of your premises to a REDPUR infrared heating. During our on-site consultation, we also discuss the optimal sizing of your REDPUR heating system for an economical and energy-efficient operation in everyday life.

For such a site visit, the REDPUR consultants gather all required information that is needed for a comprehensive performance requirements calculation and a forecast of future energy consumption of the heating.  Examples include testing the quality, insulation and moisture of the building structure, location-specific factors (internal or external walls, direction, window ...). Energy feeds from your own decentralized energy generation and the exact measurement of your rooms with the latest technology will be considered for this calculation as well.

Of course, the employees of the REDPUR Partners answer on this occasion all other questions about the functioning of REDPUR products, materials, surfaces, the optimum mounting location for your REDPUR infrared heating and the various REDPUR designs and interior design with the REDPUR products.

The complete on-site service of REDPUR also includes competent assistance with all other outstanding issues from the planning and procurement of the required permits and licenses to the selection of the optimal electricity tariff. Our collaboration with experienced specialist companies and architects ensures a smooth construction process and subsequent hassle-free operation of the REDPUR precision products.

Take advantage of the experience from REDPUR and the REDPUR partner companies for your personal energy transition with a REDPUR infrared heating.
Our service is your advantage!