History - REDPUR

The history of REDPUR

The birth of REDPUR occurred in a unique situation.  In the growing market for infrared heaters and innovative heating systems, four South German entrepreneurs joined together to form a new provider. After their separation from the previous market leader, very detailed market analysis and the realization that there is currently no comparable alternative to a modern infrared heating, they founded the company REDPUR with the goal of leading the product "infrared heater" by own innovations to excellence.

The REDPUR base - Expertise of four seasoned entrepreneur personalities

The establishment of REDPUR of course has been enriched by the extensive know-how of the four partners.  The technological core of the new company is the expertise of one of the largest heating conductor manufacturers in the automotive industry for the production of pure infrared heat.  The second REDPUR-partner had already designed and built infrared heaters in his Swabian precision factory.  Added to this was the knowledge of a family business: The husband had developed and managed the distribution of the market leader of infrared heaters for years. His wife gained extensive sales and production experience in the own family business, which her father eventually sold to today's REDPUR heating conductor expert. The headquarters of REDPUR are now located in their previous embroidery factory building.  Eventually the expertise of all entrepreneurs involved in the founding of REDPUR had been merged.

The result - the evolutionary infrared heating from REDPUR

The four southern German companies have jointly developed the evolutionary infrared heating.  Compared to other infrared heating systems, the product of the Swabian Alb offers numerous unique features.  An infrared heating from REDPUR clearly differs from all other comparable products on the market. REDPUR guarantees its customers an innovative product and continues to develop its infrared heatings.  
Through the 72 months warranty of two innovative and economically healthy partner companies as well as experienced and technically competent sales professionals REDPUR creates for his evolutionary product at the same time a unique foundation of trust.