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Refurbishment with Redpur 

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Refurbishment with REDPUR

Renovation means in its core: Making something new - ideally something innovative - from something old. Modern living comfort, sustainability and long-term energy and cost efficiency play a role, as does the preservation of old building structure.

An infrared heating from REDPUR is an ideal and innovative alternative to conventional heating systems to renovate a building. The cost of installing the innovative REDPUR heating systems are significantly lower than the expense of a water-based heating system. During operation, the infrared heating from REDPUR is completely maintenance-free and ensures cozy warmth and a pleasant room climate at very low cost. Through its technological principle the infrared heating from REDPUR makes at the same time especially for renovations a considerable contribution to the long-term preservation of the building.

Heating with electricity - is that eco-friendly?

A few years ago power generators, heating experts and environmental activists have clearly answered this question with "No" - heating with electric power has long been considered the "most polluting" solution. At the same time current was considered in this context as an already "refined" form of energy that was "too good" - and also too expensive - for heating purposes.
The advantage of an infrared heating from REDPUR however, lies precisely in their low energy consumption, which is below the energy needs of other types of heating. The energy efficiency of REDPUR heating systems results directly from the underlying technology: The infrared heater does not warm primarily the air, but the surfaces of the rooms themselves - i.e. ceilings, walls, floors - as well as the objects in a room heated by an infrared heater. The air is warming, however indirectly by the heat radiation from the walls and other heat sources.  At the same transport-related energy losses are reduced by an infrared heating to a minimum. Further, the REDPUR infrared heating systems feature an "intelligent" control module that regulates the interaction of the individual heating elements and ensures that only the amount of heat energy is delivered that is actually required. In conjunction with a system for decentralized energy supply an infrared heating from REDPUR is the most ecological heating solution of all.

Dry walls, better insulation value, higher cost and energy efficiency of the building

For renovation projects the use of an REDPUR infrared heater results in another significant advantage. Due to the direct heating of the room surfaces these are always warmer than the air - therefore moisture can not condense on the walls. Walls that have been damp until now dry by the operation of the infrared heating from REDPUR in the medium term thus making a direct contribution to a successful and sustainable building renovation. Simultaneously, the insulation value of the building is greatly improved by the dry outer walls - with positive consequences for the overall energy efficiency of the house and the need for thermal energy.

REDPUR partner companies - Your experts for energy-efficient renovation

The installation of an REDPUR infrared heater in the course of a renovation project can be done in two variants. The most cost effective solution in the long term is the installation of a complete system. In combination with an optimized thermal insulation of the building, ideally in combination with locally acquired renewable energy - for example by a photovoltaic or small wind system - it allows substantial energy independence and the reduction of heating and energy costs to a minimum. All services in this context are provided by the partners of REDPUR. Also for partial solutions that can not renounce completely conventional heating systems and where the infrared heating to be effective only in addition, the REDPUR partner companies are available as experts on energy-efficient renovation and innovative heating solutions. Your cooperation with a REDPUR partner in your renovation project of course always starts with a detailed energy assessment.

During the renovation project the REDPUR partners of course also care for the implementation of legal provisions on energy efficiency of buildings, such as the fulfillment of the regulations for the maximum permissible primary energy consumption as well as for limiting transmission losses or the loss of heat through the "building shell". Our partner companies, each with their own specialists, are available to calculate the corresponding data for a specific renovation project.