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Church Heating - REDPUR

The infrared heating from REDPUR as a church heating

Infrared heatings from REDPUR are an energy and cost-saving alternative to conventional heating systems not only in homes and offices, but are also ideally suited for public buildings and churches, and for other old buildings with "massive enclosing walls." The thermal radiation of infrared heatings from REDPUR provides even in this case for cozy temperatures with minimum energy consumption and at the same time for optimum protection of the building structure.

The heating of churches involves both the generation of thermal comfort for visitors and on the other hand the preservation of the buildings which are in many cases of historic value. The sensation of heat is thereby determined by the overall room temperature. The preservation of the building and assets also involves the relative humidity as a central factor.

Infrared heatings from REDPUR - ideally suited for churches due to their operating principle.

The construction mannual for church of the EKD recommends the following general parameters for heating churches:

  • Room temperatures between twelve and 16 degrees Celsius during the times of use, and between eight and ten degrees Celsius in idle times
  • A relative humidity between 55 and 75 percent, which should not be exceeded up or down
  • At a very low humidity below 45 percent - for example, on clear, cold days of winter - the temperature within the church should be about two degrees Celsius lower.
  • A maximum heating rate of one degree Celsius per hour to prevent asset damage from rapid heating
  • A maximum temperature difference of two degrees Celsius across the entire height of the building.

(Source:  Kirchliches Bauhandbuch, Publisher: Konferenz der Bauamtsleiter der Gliedkirchen der EKD, Chapter 6.7.2)

With conventional convection heaters it can be very difficult to meet these requirements - the heating effect via air heating causes high energy losses and uneven room heating with thermodynamic air currents and "cold corners". Through its natural operating principle the evolutionary infrared heating from REDPUR is in these cases ideally suited to avoid heat losses as far as possible and provide an optimal, even and pleasant temperature in the church. REDPUR infrared heatings do not heat the air in the room, but the "building shell", the room surfaces - i.e. walls, ceilings, floors - and all objects in the church.  The heat energy of the infrared heating from REDPUR is emitted from these indirectly to the environment, the heating of the air plays no or only a very minor role.

Cost-effective investment in comfort, energy efficiency and protection of the building structure

Because of this mode of action of REDPUR infrared heaters the walls of the churches and other surfaces are heated evenly and consistently. The heat energy is radiated from these without the "gradients", thermodynamic air movement or air and dust swirls.  At the same time, the deposition of moisture on the church walls will be effectively prevented and in the medium term the REDPUR infrared heating even dries damp walls.  Since the human body also absorbs the heat radiation of REDPUR infrared heatings, even relatively low room temperatures are perceived as pleasant and enjoyable. "Smart" thermostats that have been developed specifically for this field of application of infrared heating from REDPUR provide for temperature control in the Church.

The REDPUR infrared heating can be installed anywhere in the church - under the seats or as wall heaters. Optionally, the REDPUR infrared heating adds to interior design with its innovative and highly aesthetic design. The installation of the REDPUR infrared heating is done basically without interfering with the building structure. After that it works completely maintenance-free and without any additional cost "for life".
The basic heating of a church via a REDPUR infrared heating can be performed with very low temperatures. The heating rate before the active use of the building can be freely chosen and, therefore, complies in any case with the expert recommendations of the EKD.

Based on his independent investigations the South German physicists Gerald Koch considered infrared heating systems in churches and similar buildings as the actual heating model of the future. In his studies he has demonstrated both their energy efficiency as well as the protection of buildings by infrared radiation.  On this background a REDPUR infrared heating is an investment in comfort, convenience, environmental energy efficiency and building conservation. And it is very inexpensive compared to the purchase and installation costs of traditional heating systems.